Lemon Curd Loveliness

We fight over the fork.  The single fork that has been used to mix the dressing, toss the salad, and now it is our only implement with which to eat it. I have managed to find a lettuce, all the oils and vinegars, a large Tupperware bowl-type affair and a cucumber.  I am doing well.  This could almost pass as lunch.  We have other forks, lots in fact, but they (like the rest of our worldly goods) are in cardboard boxes.  We have officially moved.

My kitchen is currently an enormous pile of brown packing cases…34 to be precise…and that is after I have unpacked what seems like an awful lot of it.  But we are still no closer to finding the forks.  And so, we fight over the fork.  I am pretty sure none of us have eaten since yesterday, and this salad marks the first meal in our new house.  New house.  God it feels good to say it out loud.  After weeks of soul  as well as area searching, we have finally found a house that fits the bill in more ways than one! 

We have also managed to move into it, somehow orchestrate the rental of our old place to lovely friends, and not get divorced all in the space of 11 days!  Did I mention that my four year old has also been home ‘helping’ with packing all week as he has managed to achieve a 40C temperature every day for the last five … and so school is quite obviously out of the question.  My calm moving plans, were scuppered by the utterly useless ( yet most renowned) removal company who felt it appropriate to tell a six month pregnant woman that her dates for moving were no longer available even though they had been reconfirmed twice. Their company name includes that of a striped wild cat, the white version we are particularly fond of in the Singapore Zoo. I reckon ‘striped wild cat’ is probably a description that could easily have been applied to said pregnant woman at the time.  Even my son noted that perhaps mummy had a fever too?

But all is well.  All is calm and all is bright as I sit on a sofa with no cushions in my living room surrounded by boxes.  It is 6.30am and the sun is beginning to gently warm the windows, filling my new home with hazy, hot, Singapore morning light. I can hear the boys gently snoring on mattresses amongst yet more boxes.  I have a terrible urge to make tea.  English breakfast of course.  A great mug of it, served with a doorstop of white toast and lashings of lemon curd.  I never eat lemon curd.  But last week, amongst the madness I made meringues, and had a load of eggs left over.  For some reason lemon curd seemed obvious.  And it is now sitting in a jar in my fridge.  Unlike the forks…Lemon curd I can lay my hands on.

My mother would look about her and say that the place looks like a bomb has hit it.  I have to admit, it is certainly quiet chaos, and the situation has brought out a strange sense of wartime ‘make do and mend’.   All will be well with my bombsite. 

 A large cup of tea… and I shall be ready to launch my attack.

Lemon Curd

Makes ¾ litre (enough for a good sized jar at home, one for a friend or filling for a pie)

6 whole organic, free range eggs (do I even still need to write that?)

2 egg yolks

450g caster sugar

225g butter, cubed and soft

Zest of four lemons

160ml lemon juice


Before you start cooking sterilise your jars (put them through the dishwasher and then into the oven at 180C for ten minutes).  Remove with tongs without touching the outside.  If using Kilner jars or similar (which are the best for this – ikea do a great one) remember to remove the rubber ring before putting in the oven.  Simply douse in boiling water for a few minutes,  then replace rubber ring with immaculately clean hands before filling and closing.

If you are going to use the curd to fill a pie, make sure the pie crust, tart case etc is baked and ready to receive.

Whisk all the ingredients together in a large metal bowl and place on top of a large saucepan of bubbling water.  Cook, stirring constantly, until very thick and glossy.  This can take about 20 minutes so set aside some time that you can give it undivided attention.  Strain the curd through a metal sieve straight into the tart or jar.  Refrigerate until cold and set solid.  Slather on toast or spoon onto baby meringues, cupcakes, yoghurt, or serve in a dollop next to some fresh berries for a quick and easy pud.  If you have made a tart and still feel it is missing something add meringue mixture to the top (see meringue recipe on right), make sure it has plenty of rustic waves and peaks and then place it in a 180C oven for about five minutes just before serving for the ultimate lemon meringue pie!


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4 responses to “Lemon Curd Loveliness

  1. Jillo

    PERFECT timing Laura! Lemons abound all over in Hawaii right now and Trigg is sick of homemade lemonade and overly lemon marinated fish. Lovely article. Callum will have a hard time choosing your glam abode over Raffles. Haha! xoxo


    • I am in a morroccan mood at the moment and about to pickle a load of lemons – just slash and pack with salt in a jam jar in the fridge for a few weeks. They last for ages and can be used for all sorts of things. If you are really looking for something to do you could make candied lemon peel and use in a christmas cake or dip slivers in dark chocolate and package as christmas goodies!


  2. jenniemacfie

    Moving is always hell but like childbirth, everything soon returns to normal and one forgets all about it. Until the next time. xx


  3. Nick

    Just on way home with the lemons… Much love and happiness in your new, glam abode x


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