Charred Lemony Sprouts

Pan fried, slightly charred Brussels Sprouts…with a lot of lemon!Sprouts, pan fried with lemon

I won’t patronise you by actually writing a recipe for these, but suffice to say, this update on the old fashioned overcooked, boiled to death version is a welcome one if you absolutely insist on serving your sprouts cooked. Simply clean and quarter the sprouts, toss them in olive oil and crushed garlic and then throw them in a large, hot saute pan. Allow them to caramelise and even catch a little on the pan over a medium high heat. Pour over the juice of a whole lemon – or more – be brave.  Give them a stir and stick a lid on them for the briefest of moments . . . you don’t even have to be sure they are completely cooked all the way through!  Be liberal with the sea salt, and serve hot.  Lovely with a cold beer!

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