Brandy Butter

Basically what you are trying to achieve is a butter that is seriously boozy – so boozy that it is almost about to split.  It won’t though – the icing sugar is the glue.  I like the texture and colour of a bit of grainy soft brown sugar though, and the added warmth and depth of the brown sugar flavour helps to give it a more homemade, comforting feel.  I have been known to eat this straight out of the fridge with a spoon (not of the tea variety).

Serve with ubiquitous mincepies, and of course with Christmas pud.  A particular favourite in our house is frying up slices of pudding on boxing day in a non-stick pan with a good cold, hard, dollop of brandy butter.  A lovely leftover, the joy of which can be savoured long after the glitter of Christmas has faded.


250g good quality salted butter

1 ½ cups icing sugar

1/3 cup light soft brown sugar

1/3 cup brandy


Bring butter to room temp.  Place in stand mixer and beat with icing sugar to a fluffy light creamy texture (but not until it resembles frosting).  Slowly add the brandy until incorporated, then tip in the light brown sugar and mix until just combined.  If you overbeat it will lose it’s lovely grainy texture.

Put it in a jar or covered bowl in the fridge and eat within about three weeks (or the ‘best before date’ on the butter).


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